We are pleased to now offer Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) analysis in addition to our extensive range of wastewater tests. Need quicker results than the industry standard 5 day BOD test can provide? COD testing can give you a good indication of the oxygen demand in your sample much more quickly.

We have implemented the COD method in response to customer feedback. While BOD is a very good monitoring tool for winery wastewater quality, a lot can change in 5 days at the winery, so COD provides a faster snapshot of water quality.

While BOD analysis is a measurement of the organic material which can be oxidised by microorganisms, COD analysis is the total measurement of all chemicals organic and inorganic in the water that can be oxidised. Studies have shown that while the measurement of COD is not a complete substitute for BOD, the results can correlate, with the BOD figure approximately 70% that of the COD result in winery wastewater.

The advantage of COD analysis over BOD analysis is its quick turnaround, with results no longer taking at least 5 days. This means that issues can be addressed and remedied in real time rather than retrospectively a week later. The cost for this analysis is $59 +GST. Contact Carly for more information.