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Drinking Water Testing

Update: Now available – Water testing in Hobart, Tasmania. Is your rainwater safe to drink? Many gastrointestinal illnesses are caused by bacteria in drinking water. Whatever the age or size of your tank, the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) recommend regular testing to ensure it does not contain harmful levels of bacteria. Water from your […]


PATULIN  What is patulin?  Patulin is a mycotoxin (a toxic fungal metabolite) that is produced by certain moulds such as Penicillium and Aspergillus. These moulds can grow on many fruits and are commonly found on apples. Patulin is often associated with storage diseases and there can be a higher risk in fruit from longer term […]

Livestock Water Testing

DO YOU KNOW THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIVESTOCK  WATER Water quality guidelines recommended for livestock consumption have been developed by the National Water Quality Management Strategy and are based on the Australian Water Quality Guidelines for Fresh and Marine Waters, November 1992 (ANZECC). The guidelines cover several water parameters that should be analysed to ensure […]

Bore Water Testing

What is bore water? Bore water is groundwater that has been accessed by drilling a bore into underground water storages called aquifers. An aquifer is formed when water from rain and rivers seeps through layers of soil and rock and fills spaces or fractures within layers of sand and fractured rock. Bore water may be […]

Smoke Taint

What is smoke taint?  Smoke from fires, particularly bushfires, may affect the flavour of grapes. The impact of smoke on grapes and the resultant wine varies considerably and a lot of research is being done at the moment to better understand this important issue. Wine made from grapes that have been smoke affected have been […]

Winery Effluent Water Testing

Knowing your waste is the first step to developing and maintaining a wastewater management system that works for your winery. The composition of your wastewater will change during the course of the season (vintage to non-vintage), so regular monitoring is crucial to understanding its characteristics and to developing effective treatment strategies. Analysis of wastewater post […]

Care and Handling of Cuvettes

Proper maintenance of quartz cuvettes is an essential part of spectrophotometric analysis. The following notes are based on the recommendations of Australian Standard AS 3753-2001. Cuvettes in regular use should be stored either: a) in a box lined with a suitably soft material (possibly one supplied by the manufacturer); b) immersed in distilled water; c) […]

Irrigation Water Analysis

DO YOU KNOW THE QUALITY OF YOUR IRRIGATION WATER Water quality guidelines recommended for irrigation and general on-farm and domestic use have been developed by the Primary Industries and Natural Resource Management Ministerial Counicils. The guidelines cover several water parameters that should be analysed to ensure your water is suitable for its intended use. At […]