By now, you may have heard that Vintessential Laboratories have their very own range of Discrete Analysers  – the easiest way to automatically perform all your enzymatic testing needs.

Our two units, The ChemWell and the Chemwell-T are manufactured in the USA. ChemWell technology is trusted across the globe, and is found in many types of laboratories, including medical ones.

Users of the ChemWells here in Australia receive a comprehensive installation visit that includes two full days of staff training and instrument setup. From then on you also receive technical support so you are equipped with the necessary knowledge to take full advantage of the features offered in each unit.

The Vintessential range of Discrete Analyser Test Kits is designed so that you receive the best results, without compromising on quality and efficiency. We have visited the manufacturer for training with their skilled technicians and chemists and we have fine-tuned our kits to give the best performance possible.

Whether you want to check your wine has finished MLF, the level of glucose and fructose, or to calculate your YAN value on juice, our Discrete Analyser Test Kits are the perfect complement to our ChemWell range to save you time and money during the impending vintage period.

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