For best results take note of the following:


  • make sure your Sample spots are as small & concentrated as possible.
  • always allow the spots to dry between applications.


  • It is most important to ensure the plate is completely dry between the applications of Solvent & Indicator. Use warm air from a hairdryer to dry the Solvent from the TLC plate. Any acetic acid odours mean more drying is necessary.
  • this is Corrosive & also Flammable. Please wear gloves and safety glasses and handle in a well ventilated area.
  • on drying, if the background of your plate is more yellow rather than blue/green, then your Solvent has absorbed too much ater & needs to be replaced


  • use cold air from the hairdryer to dry the Indicator.
  • the colour of the Indicator solution may vary depending on the brand of raw materials used but is no cause for concern.

Click here to view Example Plates from Malic Acid by TLC procedure