Enzymatic testing in the wine lab

Enzymatic methods in the wine laboratory are incredibly accurate, fast and safe, helping to generate important information about your wine to ensure the most informed decisions are made. Whether the methods are performed on a benchtop spectrophotometer or an automatic analyzer, understanding the equipment and materials you are working with is essential to getting the right result the first time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go to plan, so it’s important to understand what can be causing poor results and how to fix it.

Interwinery Analysis Group finds best test for sugars in wine

Carly Gamble and Greg Howell Introduction Determining the sugar content of juice and wine is an essential part of the winemaking process.  Glucose and fructose are the most abundant sugars naturally present in grapes and they are also fermentable sugars – their presence in finished wine leaving the wine susceptible to spoilage.  Accurate monitoring of […]