Chinese Export Requirements and a Green Fairy Tale! – Testing Times Feb 2018

Chinese Exports requirements   We receive many requests for a variety of tests for wines destined for China. These vary amongst clients and we often find that we are doing special tests for some exporters and not others. Added to this are some unusual tests that have been requested by the Chinese authorities over the past […]


PATULIN  What is patulin?  Patulin is a mycotoxin (a toxic fungal metabolite) that is produced by certain moulds such as Penicillium and Aspergillus. These moulds can grow on many fruits and are commonly found on apples. Patulin is often associated with storage diseases and there can be a higher risk in fruit from longer term […]

Malo-Lactic Fermentation Vacation, Patulin in Apple Products and Sucrose Testing in Sparkling Base Wine – Testing Times Jan 2018

MLF and holidays Would you think there is a connection between vacations and malo-lactic fermentation (MLF)? Here is an example of such a connection. Recently we received a problem sample of wine that had not completed MLF. The winemaker, who had been away for a winter holiday, had added a large dose of sulfur dioxide […]

Wastewater Testing: Chemical Oxygen Demand

We are pleased to now offer Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) analysis in addition to our extensive range of wastewater tests. Need quicker results than the industry standard 5 day BOD test can provide? COD testing can give you a good indication of the oxygen demand in your sample much more quickly. We have implemented the […]

Petiole Testing Time

The best time of year to collect grape vine Petioles for analysis is now (full flowering, 80% cap-fall). Petiole testing can provide a snapshot of the nutrient status of the vine.  Obtaining quantitative information on nutrient levels can assist in determining the effectiveness of fertiliser applications and also help you to identify the cause of […]

Brettanomyces creeping up on you?

It’s that time of year again when this yeast can rear its ugly head. Brettanomyces can produce the volatile phenols 4-ethyl phenol (4EP) and 4-ethyl guaiacol (4EG), which are responsible for sweaty, horsey or medicinal off-flavours in wine.  Right now red wines should have completed primary fermentation and have been transferred to barrels for oak […]

Exporting wine to China?

We are NATA accredited to prepare Export Certificates for wines destined for all major export destinations, including China. The benefits of using the Vintessential Laboratory Export Service include: ► Fast Turnaround: We strive to have most Export Certificates completed and issued to you one day after receiving your samples. ► Minimal Sample Required: We require only one bottle of finished wine for testing […]

The Vintessential ChemWell Discrete Analysers

By now, you may have heard that Vintessential Laboratories have their very own range of Discrete Analysers  – the easiest way to automatically perform all your enzymatic testing needs.  Our two units, The ChemWell and the Chemwell-T are manufactured in the USA. ChemWell technology is trusted across the globe, and is found in many types of laboratories, including medical […]

Free Tasting of Final Touch Mannoproteins

Let us help you compare the influence and impact of mannoproteins in your wine. Call in and see us at our counter to undertake some benchtop trials with Final Touch TONIC. We will provide the wine and Final Touch TONIC; you can provide the feedback and the opportunity to try a free sample on your own […]

Become an Alchemist

Alchemy I and II yeasts blends were the first products on the market to combine two yeasts in the one pack. The strains were specifically chosen after extensive research to enhance the wine aroma based on the metabolic interaction between specific yeast strains present in the blend. Alchemy I and II are now widely used […]