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Enzymatic testing in the wine lab

Enzymatic methods in the wine laboratory are incredibly accurate, fast and safe, helping to generate important information about your wine to ensure the most informed decisions are made. Whether the methods are performed on a benchtop spectrophotometer or an automatic analyzer, understanding the equipment and materials you are working with is essential to getting the right result the first time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go to plan, so it’s important to understand what can be causing poor results and how to fix it.

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Water Testing at Vintessential Laboratories Hobart Tasmania

Did you know that Vintessential Laboratories in North Hobart, Tasmania has been operating now for almost 3 years?! How time flies. As well as our usual beverage and wine testing services, we have seen great demand in providing fast, reliable analysis of drinking, irrigation, effluent and bore water. That means whether your water is smelling funky, is coming out of the tap an odd colour or if you have been pondering whether your illness is due to E.coli in your water, Vintessential is here to help.

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Preparing and Sending Samples

Co-inoculation: the latest great development in malolactic fermentation

Introduction Commercial strains of malolactic bacterial cultures have been available for many years. Until recently, these cultures were added after the completion of the alcoholic (yeast) fermentation.  New research has enabled the development of strains of bacteria that can be added at the same time that yeast is added (co-inoculation). The advantages of co-inoculation are […]

Brettanomyces and Under Pressure! – Testing Times – September 2018

Brettanomyces A customer recently sent a number of red wine samples to check for the presence of Brettanomyces. After discussions it was decided to plate the wines for the microbial presence of Brettanomyces bruxellensis (aka Brett) colony forming units and also to measure for the presence of the marker compounds 4 ethyl phenol and 4 […]

Bentonite fining, Titratable Acidity and Getting Low… – Testing Times August 18

Low pH red wine At our laboratories we service a wide array of winemaking clients, from large wine companies through to backyard hobbyists. We also see a wide variety of wines, from finished products through to works very much ‘in progress’. Recently we encountered a red wine from a very small producer with an unusually […]

Drinking Water Testing

Update: Now available – Water testing in Hobart, Tasmania. Is your rainwater safe to drink? Many gastrointestinal illnesses are caused by bacteria in drinking water. Whatever the age or size of your tank, the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) recommend regular testing to ensure it does not contain harmful levels of bacteria. Water from your […]

Natural Wines and Foaming Cider Kegs! – Testing Times July 18

  Natural wine To quote wine writer Max Allen (1) “The hottest wine trend of the decade? That’s easy: all things natural. Grapes grown with a minimum of sprays, preferably organic or biodynamic; nothing added in the cellar except perhaps a small amount of sulphur dioxide preservative at bottling. Just wine. It’s also been the […]

Stuck Ferements, Casse Study and Alcohol Content Labelling for Export – Testing Times June 18

Stuck Ferments Every vintage and every region has its own particular issues. So there is always something to keep us interested in the lab. Often the issues are minor or sometimes they are region-wide and a bit of a pain. One problem that appears to some degree, in some place, every year, is the issue […]

Fermented Juices, Tank Water Testing and High Acid Cider – Testing Times May 18

Winery tank issues – for water that is! Vintage is the time when we typically see lots of winemaking fermentation problems – but we thought you might need a break from all that. So in case you’re sick of thinking about wine at the moment, this month we take a look at an interesting issue […]

pH Testing, Smokey Wines and A Sticky Situation! – Testing Times March 18

Smoke taint concerns from February bushfire in Orange (Image Credit: Christina Bos) Our NSW manager, Christina Bos, knew it was a bad sign for the local wine industry when she saw the columns of smoke rising off Mt Canobolas from her front veranda in Orange one weekend in February. For those that know this gorgeous […]

Chinese Export Requirements and a Green Fairy Tale! – Testing Times Feb 2018

Chinese Exports requirements   We receive many requests for a variety of tests for wines destined for China. These vary amongst clients and we often find that we are doing special tests for some exporters and not others. Added to this are some unusual tests that have been requested by the Chinese authorities over the past […]


PATULIN  What is patulin?  Patulin is a mycotoxin (a toxic fungal metabolite) that is produced by certain moulds such as Penicillium and Aspergillus. These moulds can grow on many fruits and are commonly found on apples. Patulin is often associated with storage diseases and there can be a higher risk in fruit from longer term […]

Malo-Lactic Fermentation Vacation, Patulin in Apple Products and Sucrose Testing in Sparkling Base Wine – Testing Times Jan 2018

MLF and holidays Would you think there is a connection between vacations and malo-lactic fermentation (MLF)? Here is an example of such a connection. Recently we received a problem sample of wine that had not completed MLF. The winemaker, who had been away for a winter holiday, had added a large dose of sulfur dioxide […]

Wastewater Testing: Chemical Oxygen Demand

We are pleased to now offer Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) analysis in addition to our extensive range of wastewater tests. Need quicker results than the industry standard 5 day BOD test can provide? COD testing can give you a good indication of the oxygen demand in your sample much more quickly. We have implemented the […]

Petiole Testing Time

The best time of year to collect grape vine Petioles for analysis is now (full flowering, 80% cap-fall). Petiole testing can provide a snapshot of the nutrient status of the vine.  Obtaining quantitative information on nutrient levels can assist in determining the effectiveness of fertiliser applications and also help you to identify the cause of […]

Brettanomyces creeping up on you?

It’s that time of year again when this yeast can rear its ugly head. Brettanomyces can produce the volatile phenols 4-ethyl phenol (4EP) and 4-ethyl guaiacol (4EG), which are responsible for sweaty, horsey or medicinal off-flavours in wine.  Right now red wines should have completed primary fermentation and have been transferred to barrels for oak […]

Exporting wine to China?

We are NATA accredited to prepare Export Certificates for wines destined for all major export destinations, including China. The benefits of using the Vintessential Laboratory Export Service include: ► Fast Turnaround: We strive to have most Export Certificates completed and issued to you one day after receiving your samples. ► Minimal Sample Required: We require only one bottle of finished wine for testing […]