Wine Export Certification

Wine Export Certification

Vintessential Laboratories is NATA accredited to prepare Export Certificates for wines destined for other parts of the world and is committed to making this part of the export process as smooth and hassle free as possible. For a list of the certificates we can prepare, select either the

Single Certificates or

Combination Certificates

The services we provide include:

Fast Turnaround Time

We strive to have most Export Certificates completed and issued to you one day after receiving your samples. We understand that at times you may need your certificates even faster than this (particularly if your wine is sitting on the docks waiting to depart!), so we also offer a free same day service for export certificates.

Simply let us know when you send in your samples that you require same day analysis and if the samples arrive before midday, we will strive to get the certificates to you on the same day, at no extra charge.

Upgrades & Combinations

If you have previously had your wine tested by Vintessential and require another certificate, we may be able to organise an upgrade from the original certificate.

Select Upgrade of Certificates for further information.

Also, if you intend to export your wine to more than one country, we can test your wine for more than one certificate at a time. This is a very cost effective way of getting the necessary certificates.

See our Combination Certificates section for a list of common ones, or contact us for further information.

Minimal Sample Required & Free Delivery

We require only 1 bottle of finished wine for testing for any certificate or combination of certificates except for Brazil. For Brazil, we require  2 bottles of finished wine.

Samples can be sent to the Reply Paid address of the Vintessential Laboratory closest to you. (Details on our contact page.)

Remember to include a note telling us which certificates you require! Alternatively, you can download our Export Certificate Label from our Certification page.


If you are unsure of any aspect of exporting that you think we may be able to help you with, please feel free to contact us and we will help as best we can to clarify your issue.

We keep up to date with changes to export regulations and will notify you if your wine falls outside any of the parameters for a particular country.

Wine Export Certification Services