At Vintessential Laboratories, helping cider makers is one of our specialties.

Cider Analysis

Our laboratories all routinely test cider, from juice to finished product. Whether you want to outsource your testing needs to a NATA accredited laboratory, or set up your own lab with the right equipment and reagents, we can help.

Tests we do

The most common analyses we perform for cider are:

  • pH
  • Malic Acid
  • Alcohol by Volume
  • Titratable Acidity (TA)
  • Residual Sugar
  • Specific Gravity
  • Soluble Solids
  • YAN
  • Sulfur Dioxide

We can also test for many other chemical and microbiological parameters.  

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Do your own testing

We have everything the average cider lab needs to do their own testing, and most of these products are held in stock ready for immediate dispatch. All these products, including the Vintessential Spectrophotometer and Test Kits, are tested in our NATA accredited laboratories to ensure they meet our exacting standards to satisfy your cider testing needs. Whether you are starting from scratch in your lab or just need to top up on a few consumables, we’ve got you covered. Click here for hundreds of items available for same-day dispatch.

Cider Fermentation Products

Online Winemaking and Fermentation Supply Store.

We our proud to offer professional, fermentation and winemaking equipment, winemaking supplies, laboratory equipment, wine testing kits and anything else you might need to create the perfect wine, beer, cider or spirits.


To ensure the integrity and long life of perishable products we prefer to ship to you on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This is because we don’t want it to suffer if it is delayed over a weekend. If you are sure we can send it safely later in the week then please advise us accordingly.