From 1 July 2012, new allergen labelling requirements came into effect in the European Union (EU).

If milk (casein) or egg products have been used and the wine has not tested negative for these residues using a technique with a detection limit of 0.25mg/L, then the presence of allergens must be indicated on the label.

Vintessential has recently introduced Allergen Analyses to our range of Chemical Wine Tests. These methods screen for the presence of milk and egg residues in wine, using ELISA based methods with detection limits below 0.25mg/L.

The cost of this analysis per sample is:

Milk (casein) residue: $81 + GST (Code 6A070)
Egg residue: $81 + GST (Code 6A071)
Milk (casein) and egg residue: $152 +GST (Code 6A072)

A negative result will confirm the absence of these residues, meaning you do not have to declare the presence of allergens on the label.

The new requirements apply to 2012 vintage wine labelled after June 30. Wines labelled with a vintage of 2011 and earlier are exempt from the mandatory labelling requirements, as are 2012 vintage wines labeled before 30 June 2012.

Similarly, Canada is also implementing allergens labelling requirements, with an effective date from 4 August 2012. These regulations will apply to wines with a vintage date of 2012 and wines with no vintage year on the label. As with the EU regulations, if our analysis proves the absence of milk and egg products, they do not need to be declared.

Visit the Wine Australia website for more information on Allergen testing:

Download the Allergen Residue Analysis Factsheet as a PDF

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