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Spirits Testing

At Vintessential Laboratories, spirits testing is one of our specialties.

Whether you want to outsource your testing needs to a NATA accredited laboratory, or set up your own lab with the right equipment and reagents, we can help.

We have laboratories in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia, all routinely testing spirits.

The most common analysis conducted are listed below and we can also test for many other chemical and microbiological parameters.

Our testing service also includes:

  • Fast turnaround of results
  • FREE sample bottles
  • FREE postage of samples to any of our labs
  • Friendly, professional service and interpretation of your results by beverage analysis experts


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Acetaldehyde & Methanol by GCMS for Spirits
50mL sample required.  Acetaldehyde can impart undesirable characteristics Acetaldehyde ..

Code : 66A006

Acetaldehyde, Ethyl Acetate & Methanol for Spirits
50mL sample required.  Two compounds that can impart undesirable characteristics Acetald..

Code : 66A007

Alcohol by Distillation NIR for Spirits
500mL of sample is required.    Distillation is the internationally recognised ref..

Code : 66A031

Brettanomyces by PCR for Spirits
50mL required. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a rapid and very specific molecular biology tec..

Code : 66B100

Methanol by GC for Spirits
50mL of sample required.   Methanol is a natural by-product of primary fermentation, an..

Code : 66M060

Microscopic Examination for Spirits
Bottle of  sample required.      Hazes or sediments present in a sa..

Code : 66M020

pH test for Spirits
50mL of sample required.  The test is suitable for juice, wine, beer, cider and other l..

Code : 66P030

Titratable Acidity for Spirits
50mL of sample required.   The sample is titrated to a pH 8.2 end-point with stand..

Code : 66T020

Trace Metals Bundle for Spirits
50mL of sample required.  We can provide a full metal profile for Calcium, Copper, Iron, Pot..

Code : 66M050