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Maxaferm® 1kg

Maxaferm® 1kg

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Maxaferm® a complete fermentation activator and yeast nutrient based on inactivated yeast, thiamine and ammonium salts (DAP, free of sulfate).
Improved fluidity and solubility now produced with crystal DAP

- Thiamine and ammonium salts provoke yeast growth and metabolism.
- Inactivated yeast is a source of assimilable nitrogen (amino acids), sterols and long chain fatty acids that strengthens the yeast at the end of fermentation. These elements also play a protective role by fixing the C8-C12 fatty acid inhibitors.

•Improves yeast membrane permeability
•Improves yeast alcohol tolerance
•Shortens fermentation duration
•Increases yeast viability at the end of fermentation
•Allows complete fermentation

Maxaferm can also be used to assist in restarting Stuck Ferments. For Instructions on how to do this, click here for our Stuck Ferment Protocol.


Product Data Sheet - Maxaferm®