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Fermivin® Champion 500g (formerly Fermichamp®)

Fermivin® Champion 500g (formerly Fermichamp®)

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The best fructophilic yeast for restarting stuck fermentations



Fermivin® CHAMPION is a fructophilic yeast. It has a very high alcohol tolerance and starts fermenting very quickly. When added at mid-fermentation, it ensures complete fermentation of potentially slow musts (high potential alcohol, toxic compunds, etc.) and prevents sluggish fermentation.

If fermentation stops, Fermivin CHAMPION can restart it even in the toughest situations (low sugar content, high alcohol content and low temperature).

Fermivin CHAMPION is even more effective if added after must has been detoxified using Extraferm®, once fermentation has stopped. Yeast hulls remove toxic compounds from wine that impede alcoholic fermentation.

Science and Technology

Fermivin CHAMPION is a fructophilic yeast with a unique hexose carrier (HXT3 version of Fermivin CHAMPION), which has higher fructose affinity . This improves the strain's ability to ferment glucose and fructose.



SO2 production:  <10mg/L

Glycerol production:  5-7 g/L

Volatile acid production:  <0.37 g/L

Acetaldehyde production:  60 mg/L

H2S production:  Average 

Killer factor:  Neutral


Fermivin® Champion Product Data Sheet



To fix Stuck or Sluggish Ferment, try our Stuck Ferment Protocol.


To ensure the integrity and long life of this perishable product we prefer to ship to you on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This is because we don’t want it to suffer if it is delayed over a weekend. If you are sure we can send it safely later in the week then please advise us accordingly.