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Extraferm® 1kg pack

Extraferm® 1kg pack

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The removal of fatty acids and pesticide residues is an important step that can assist in remediating stuck ferments. In the event of the sudden onset of stuck fermentation or problem musts it may be advantageous to include a yeast hull product such as Extraferm. 

This product has the ability to remove toxic compounds and improve fermentation conditions, thus improving yeast performance, as well as mouth feel. Extraferm has the ability to allow complete fermentation and also aids the removal of compounds toxic for human consumption such as ochratoxin A.

 Experiments recently carried out with Inter-Rhône (a professional organization of winegrowers and wine merchants in the Rhône Valley in France) have now also confirmed Extraferm’s ability to bind to and eliminate phthalates. By adding two successive 20 g/hl dosages of Extraferm yeast hulls during the winemaking process, the phthalate content of red, white and rosé wines can be reduced by more than 50%.  (For further information, see below in Extraferm Phthalate Removal Research).

In fact, phthalates are only one of the many undesirable compounds against which Extraferm has proven to be effective. The results from the research by Inter-Rhône have also demonstrated that treating wine with 40 g/hl of Extraferm, added in two dosages, is highly effective in eliminating saturated fatty acids from fermenting musts, as well as eliminating ochratoxin A and anisoles (TCA, TeCA, PCA) from wine.

 Available in 1kg and 8kg gas proof laminated bags to prevent product contamination during storage.


Extraferm Phthalate Removal Research


Product Data Sheet - Extraferm®



Click here to download our Stuck Ferment Protocol.