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Rescuing Stuck or Sluggish Yeast Ferments

To avoid spoilage characters and hours of work on starter cultures in the cold days ahead, it is important to acknowledge sluggish ferments early and act quickly with the appropriate rescue yeast.

Rescue yeast

Fermichamp has the specific ability to metabolise fructose (the dominant sugar found in most stuck ferments) in high alcohol conditions. Early intervention on ferments that are slowing and at risk of becoming stuck can produce results with very little negative impact and save extra effort if intervention is left too late.

Fermichamp is a great solution for problem fermentations. Designed to metabolize fructose in high alcohol conditions (up to 17%), it is the ideal yeast for problem fermentations.

Fermichamp restarts stuck fermentations and allows complete sugar consumption providing slow, steady kinetics after restarting. It produces 16.5 g sugar for 1% alcohol under optimum temperature range of 15 to 30 °C. Fermichamp is resistant to free SO2 up to 50 mg/L.

One of the other great benefits of using Fermichamp is that it preserves the specific characteristics of the must when restarting fermentation, without producing secondary aromas. Fermichamp is available in 500 g packs.

Detoxifying must and wine

The removal of fatty acids and pesticide residues is another important step that can assist in remediating stuck ferments. In the event of sudden onset stuck fermentation or problem musts it may be advantageous to include a yeast hull product such as Extraferm.

This ferment product has the ability to remove toxic compounds and improve fermentation conditions, thus improving yeast performance, as well as mouth feel.

Extraferm improves fermentation conditions and performance through its alcohol tolerance and viability to allow complete fermentation, as well as removing toxic compounds from must and wine such as fatty acids and pesticides. It also aids the removal of compounds toxic for human consumption such as ochratoxin A.

Extraferm 1kg and 10kg come in gas proof laminated bags to prevent product contamination during storage.

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