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In-Line Ready® A revolutionary solution for the instant inoculation of yeast from Oenobrands


Rehydrating yeast is a task of the past!


With the In-Line Ready® dual technology you can seed your yeast with a constant, fast and simple method thanks to a revolutionary new concept for direct inoculation of the must: In-Line Ready®

Seeding must: can this task be simplified?

The traditional way of rehydrating yeast is familiar to winemakers. Good rehydration is the basis of sound seeding and successful fermentation. Well carried out, this procedure can take from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on the quantity of yeast and the need to cool the fermentation starter in successive stages until the difference in temperature with the vat to be seeded is less than 10 °C.
However, in practice, for routine inoculation of a large number of vats, rehydration is often approximate and an error can be fatal to the vinification process. Large wineries are constantly seeking improved efficiency, so is there a way of making this task simpler? Is it possible to reduce the risk of human error since yeasting has to be carried out several times a day? It really is time to change the paradigm!

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