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ANCHOR® Yeast Australian Distributors

Vintessential is now the Australian National Distributor for ANCHOR®, the Leading New World Wine yeast. 

All ANCHOR® winemaking yeasts are now available for prompt delivery throughout Australia from Vintessential.

The ANCHOR® range caters for a wide range of wine styles.

The products available for vintage 2012 are:

  • Alchemy I - A yeast blend to enhance aromatic esters in white wines
  • Alchemy II - An aromatic yeast blend to enhance volatile thiols in white wines
  • Exotics 
  • N96 - A strong fermenting, all-purpose wine yeast 
  • NT112 - A yeast for producing full bodied red wines
  • NT116  
  • NT202 - A yeast for the production of aromatic red wines
  • NT45 - A yeast for producing fruity red wines for early release on the market
  • NT 50 - A yeast for producing fruity red wines
  • Vin 13 - A yeast for the production of fresh and fruity white and Rosé wines
  • Vin 2000 - A yeast for the production of barrel fermented, complex, aromatic white wines
  • Vin 7 - A yeast for enhancing thiol aromas in white wines
  • WE14 - A yeast for the production of natural sweet white wines
  • WE372 - A yeast for the production of aromatic, supple red wines 


Two new products in the range are:

NT202 CO-INOCULANT, a unique blend of bacteria which allows for optimal success of malolactic fermentations.

EXOTICS SPH, an interspecies yeast hybrid that results in wines with outstanding sensory qualities without requiring a second yeast inoculation.